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Why Not Socialized Toilets?

On a school trip to Europe with my granddaughter, we discovered an unexpected inconvenience. It was difficult to find a place to pee. Europe is known for Democratic Socialism, universal healthcare, affordable education, and regulations banning such things as guns. Governments did not seem to be in the potty market and places were strict in who could use their toilets. Or they didn’t have any. It was common to have a pay say a British Pound or Euro to use the facilities, sometimes even for customers. Finding a convenient tree to pee on also proved difficult. The lack of government-funded potty infrastructure was puzzling. Obviously, attitudes differ across the Atlantic. We relied on our tour directors to help us out, which worked most of the time but not always. It seemed an unusual thing to require expertise. I have no median voter remedy, just the observation that attitudes about public policy differ. Also, Imodium might be a good carry-on item for that European vacation.


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