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Democrats and Republicans: A New MVG Look

A new Pew Poll (see New York Times June 29, 2021) broke out survey responses relative to which party they align with. Some of the findings differed from what I expected. First, they were divided into nine different political groups by White %, Black %, bachelor’s degree, and $75,000+ income:

Solid liberals were 73% white, 8% black, 57% with bachelor’s, and 48% +income

Opportunity Democrats were 57%, 14%, 34% and 38%

Disaffected Democrats were 41%, 29%, 22%, and 19%

Devout & diverse were 44%, 30%, 15% and 16%

Bystanders were 37%, 9%, 9%, and 12%

[Those were democratic (probably not the bystanders); below are Republican.]

New-era enterprisers were 66%, 4%, 26% and 33%

Market-skeptic Republicans were 77%, 5%, 20% and 30%

Country-first conservatives were 83%, 1%, 16% and 27%

Core conservatives were 85%, 1%, 33%, and 49%.

The extremes (solid liberals and core conservatives) were the richest and most white—somewhat surprising on the liberal end (more minorities expected). This suggests they are the ones most in line with hard-core Democrat and Republican positions. Few blacks were in the Republican camp, while solid liberals were most likely to have a bachelor’s degree. On issues solid liberals support, abortion rights and immigration, both were opposed by most Republicans. Immigration gets a zero from country-first conservatives. Hispanics and Asian American voters are present in most categories, but only a few on the right extremes. The article also suggested that a majority of voters lean left on economic issues, but the country is not particularly liberal.

Where does MVM guy stand? Because I’m very much involved in political issues, I’m not a bystander. Before 2000, I used to vote primarily Republican; since then, mainly Democratic. However, this is based on particular candidates. Republicans in Texas don’t signal much interest in moderate positions. (This century, I would have been fine if either McCain or Romney had been elected. The only conniption fit was with Trump.) Put me in a separate category as white, bachelor’s degree and income over $75,000.


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