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Primordial Soup

Naomi and I worked on a food history book for several years, with no luck getting a publisher. I finally self published on Kindle last month as Primordial Soup and Other Ancient Recipes: A History of Food from Cruel Gruel to Google Gourmet. For some unknown reason, I kept coming up with word play about food and cooking (Waiting for Good Dough or the Teetotalers' Trinity), then promptly forgetting them. So I started to write them down and over a period of months or years had a long list that I had to do something with, which led to the book. I have no obvious expertise at cooking or comedy, but I do love history and that was the primary focus. I put words to the page to match the strange word play and ended up with a series of essays. None of this has much to do with median voters, except in the broadest sense of history involving anything and everything.

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