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Gary is an author, blogger, and runs a YouTube channel. Gary is Median Voter Guy (MVG) because he is a political (and psychological) moderate. See his blog: Median Voter Guy. He has a YouTube channel along with his wife Naomi called Food History & Mystery. His most recent books are Primordial Soup and Other Ancient Recipes: A History of Food from Cruel Gruel to Delectile Disfunction and Accounting History and the Rise of Civilization. His current book project is Food History & Mystery


Powerpoint Slides for Books
Financial Analysis 1
Financial Analysis 2
Detecting Earnings Management
Accounting Fraud

Recent books: Accounting History and the Rise of Civilization

The books (volume 1 & 2) are now available from Business Expert Press and Amazon (hard cover or online). More on Accounting History page, including power point presentation and accounting history timeline.

Accounting History wins award

Accounting History won the 2018 Barbara Merino Award for Excellence in History publication, from the Academy of Accounting Historians (now a section of the American Accounting Association). 

The award statement says: "Accounting History and the Rise of Civilization sets the contemporary tone for historical study in its opening lines noting, "Accounting is data gathering and analysis ..." and is a primary example of how you support and participate in the development  of accounting history literature and therefore warrants this recognition ..."

Primordial Soup.jpg

Primordial Soup is available on Kindle. This is Naomi's and my take on the history of food and cooking. We like playing with our food, so this is not the most serious book around. The book was expanded in 2019 and is now also available in hard copy.

See Primordial Soup page for more information, including a power point presentation and a food history timeline.

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