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Why I'm Median Voter Guy

Hibbings et al. (2014) in Liberals and Conservatives and the Biology of Political Differences proposed that the conservative/liberal divide is in our genes. They start with a 20-question survey, which I took. The question giving me fits was "Which lesson is more important to teach children: a. kindness or b. respect." I eventually chose respect (and almost immediately thought I was wrong; kindness is really important). The survey score could range from 0 (super conservative) to 20 (super liberal). I scored 10, right in the middle. I'm not sure I have a lot of company in the middle (it doesn't seem to be the case in the middle of Texas), but I'm fairly good at seeing both sides of a political issue--in part, because I work at it. Given the current partisan divide and seeming lack of interest in compromise, I have some thoughts. More to come ...

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